Insulin till 8-åring

Dr Amos skickade igår följande från Nkinga Sjukhus:

A 8 years old boy, day 1 post admission referal from ndala hospital with the diagnosis of severe pneumonia for the past 7days, came with difficult in breathing which was kusmall breathing and was severly dehydrated,investigations done at our hospital including RBG, urine for ketone bodies and others investigation , RBG revealed that 32mmol/dl, start9ed on soluble insulin over the night and the sugar become stable since night and afternoon raised but this evening it’s stable for the past 6 hours, we ask you if you can help for medications and machine I’m sure the father can not afford. ?Så klart Vi betalar.sjukhusräkningen och fortsätter att förse killen med gratis Insulin , sprutor och en blodsocker mätare.
OBS ALLA barn och även vuxna får betala Insulin o sprutor själva i Tanzania.

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